#CyberTalk: Episode 1

October 23, 2023

Insurance brokers often say that cyber insurance is one of most needed insurance coverages, but one of the least understood.

We see this all the time in our quoting process. Agents may be unaware of the cyber exposures, despite the affordability of a policy and the known cost of complacency. Nevertheless, cyberattacks are an emerging risk for the modern small business, especially those that receive payments and store personal identifiable information (PII).

As a broker, we know the value of the cyber insurance policy; but sometimes statistics alone do not move the needle. In this episode of #CyberTalk, our customer success manager Jackie McKenzie spoke with our cyber broker Natasha Fuentes to discuss the recent MGM Resorts data breach, from an insurance perspective. We hope breaking down recent cyberattacks in the news will provide much needed insight into what occurs AFTER the cyber attack.

Have a cyber risk on your desk, submit a cyber application to our carrier partners today!

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