Case Study: Steward Risk

January 9, 2024

About Steward Risk

Steward Risk has one objective: to be a modern insurance agency that serves middle-market clients in the construction, energy, manufacturing, and real estate industries.

Their agency aims to drive a better client experience for its commercial clients, with top talent from brokerage, wholesale, and carrier operations.


In the past, Steward Risk wholesale relationships felt transactional and inconsistent. Agents experienced a great deal of uncertainty when submitting risks to their wholesale partners.

The biggest burden was the lack of communication that led to a cumbersome process consisting of emails, text messages and calls to grasp the status of Steward Risk’s submissions.

For a while, they accepted this as the status quo, but Steward Risk knew there had to be a better way to quote wholesale accounts.


Stewart Risk partnered with QuoteWell to utilize a modern platform that allows agents to access more markets and experience quicker response times and carrier transparency.

QuoteWell leverages a proprietary technology to simplify the submission process for account managers and producers by delivering real-time insights into marketing plans that can be accessed by agents while in the field or inside the agency.

“QuoteWell is uniquely positioned with its technology-forward platform to build trust between our agency and their brokerage.”

Seamless onboarding and integration

Steward Risk’s journey with QuoteWell started with an onboarding session led by a dedicated customer success manager. Throughout this onboarding, Steward Risk’s agents were introduced to the technology and the breadth of markets available on QuoteWell’s platform. Steward Risk activated 9 user accounts, providing agents and account managers across the agency with immediate access to the platform and QuoteWell’s producers.

QuoteWell's innovative multi-funnel approach gave Steward Risk’s agents complete control over how they would like to submit their business, offering the flexibility to engage with QuoteWell through email, phone, or QuoteWell’s proprietary platform.

Improved Quoting Transparency and Speed

With each submission to QuoteWell, Steward Risk benefited from the platform’s transparency and prompt identification of market viability, regardless of the outcome. Continuous reporting on the account's status offered a faster and more agile quoting experience than traditional wholesale brokerages provide.

On Steward Risk accounts, QuoteWell leveraged its technology to turn what used to be a 5-day quoting window into a 2-3 day quoting window, often exceeding expectations and issuing quotes within 2-3 hours of submission.

White Glove Experience

QuoteWell is committed to building strong relationships and provides each agency with a premium level of service. When Steward Risk first uploaded its policies to the platform, QuoteWell’s producers audited the files to identify coverage gaps, confirm occupancy levels, and uncover any missing items to ensure every aspect of the quoting process was executed with precision and thoroughness.

Steward Risk’s lead commercial broker, Richie Carnahan, noted, “When I call, QuoteWell answers immediately, and I like that.” QuoteWell’s producers and customer success team created a memorable and positive experience that left a lasting impression on the Steward Risk team, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

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