Case Study: JAMCO Insurance

Working with a personal lines-focused agency to expand their commercial insurance capabilities and grow their book of business.

February 23, 2024


In the competitive and fast-paced world of insurance, agencies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline operations, enhance customer service, and grow their book of business. JAMCO, an insurance agency led by seasoned professionals with a health and personal lines background, discovered a transformative solution in QuoteWell, one that could help JAMCO expand its capabilities further in the realm of commercial insurance. This case study delves into the experience of Brian Guttierez, a senior agent at JAMCO, highlighting how his agency’s relationship with QuoteWell has helped his agency thrive through top-notch service and easy-to-use technology.


Brian Guttierez has worked in the insurance industry for four years. He started out his insurance career with a focus on life and health insurance, and started selling commercial insurance in 2022. As a senior agent at JAMCO, Brian's responsibilities extend beyond handling policies; he plays a crucial role in establishing agency operations and supporting a team of 10 other producing agents. Brian, alongside his colleague Donald, manages a significant portion of the business. Their commercial focus involves selling to niches like contractors and restaurants, and ensuring that their customers walk away with the right coverage.

The Challenge

Before integrating QuoteWell as a key distribution partner, JAMCO faced challenges common to many insurance agencies. The process of dealing with wholesalers was cumbersome and time-consuming. Brian and his team would have to manually email Acord forms to wholesalers and then engage in a tedious follow-up process to get a response. Given that selling commercial lines was still relatively new, on top of the cumbersome process, the other wholesalers didn’t have time to give Jamco feedback on what they could do to improve their chances of getting quotes.

“I didn't know what full information was needed upfront when working with other wholesalers. I knew the basic Acord forms to submit, the 125, 126, and 140… But once I completed those and emailed them to other wholesalers, I’d just sit there waiting for a response. I don't know if they're still in business or not because you don't, you just don't hear anything from them. And when do you hear from them, they're difficult to work with.”

The Solution: QuoteWell

QuoteWell emerged as a game-changer for JAMCO. The platform's ability to offer faster and more transparent services set it apart from other wholesalers. Over time, QuoteWell has evolved, continuously improving its features to make the insurance process smoother and more efficient for agents. QuoteWell and JAMCO started their partnership in May, 2023.

Investing in the Agency

One of the biggest difference makers has been how up-front QuoteWell is able to be with agents’ submissions in order to get a quote back. QuoteWell producers and underwriters invest the time to teach agents that are earlier on in their commercial insurance journies how to best work with and leverage the wholesale channel. Both the access to markets, combined with an easy platform to access them.

“I have only been in commercial insurance for a year and a half, so I’m still learning, but having a resource [like QuoteWell] has definitely allowed me to up my game.”

QuoteWell has an integrated appetite of over 60 different markets to help recommend the right coverage depending on the insured’s unique needs. Agents are able to see these live if they use the platform for submissions.

“Now that JAMCO has bound across various industries, I have a better understanding of what types of coverage I should be looking at for each industry. When do I need to look for environmental and pollution coverage, etc.”

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